Host Your Jekyll Website

Jekyll is a popular static website generator.

MarkdownSite supports websites made with Jekyll, with one tweak to the configuration file.

Make sure that your website is fully built with jekyll build in the root of the git repository.

This will ensure that the _site/ directory has all of the files required to serve the website.

Create a file named .markdownsite.yml in the root of the git repository and add the following content.

webroot: _site

This will ensure that MarkdownSite uses the content from _site to serve your website.

Commit your repository to your git provider and then go to and enter the git URL that is used to clone the repository.

Click Build My Site and you will be brought to the status page for your MarkdownSite and it will be rebuilding.

If you use an ssh clone URL, MarkdownSite may need to be given access to your repository. You can find the public key here.